There’s been so much talk about this arduous winter.  The news reports spend at least half their time telling us what storm is coming or the reprieve we may see.  This weekend is supposed to give us a break with warmer weather.  The up side is, it gives everyone an easy subject to address when grasping for small talk.  The down side is that this winter has been brutal on our nerves.  Even as we trudge through the snow, or put on the many layers it takes to face the cold, we grit our teeth in anticipation of the discomfort we endure.  We are more inclined to order in, and less disposed to go out of our way. 

            We commiserate with one another, quelling the low-level depression winter is apt to produce.  Joy is not the first word that comes to mind when we hear the news of in climate weather.  Maybe the students who get to miss school, or the children who went sledding earlier tis season are happy.  But the parents who have to bundle up the kids, and warm them up later, are devoted beyond circumstance.  Maybe shoe salespeople are happy.  After all, their winter boot inventory was reduced significantly.  But mostly the winter impacted the average citizen.  We are nothing if not persistent.  We went out day after day facing the cold, packed snow, and melting puddles.  Our strength is endurance.  Our reward will be Spring, a season that can’t come soon enough.  We might not have been happy this winter, but we are pleased that we’ll soon be hearing news that isn’t weather related.   Image

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