Voting Anxiety; Week 34 in the Time of Coronavirus

Although Election Day has passed, it still can be applied to this uncertain time.

The stress of this election during the pandemic seems to have expanded as we move closer to Election Day.  The conflicting commercials incite doubt and fear.  The news is alarmist.  And we’re taking it all in.  It felt empowering to vote, but it didn’t last long.  

            We ‘re living in a divisive environment.  Many friendships have ended solely based on political preference.  Families are divided over presidential partiality.  Now that we’re in the time of coronavirus we get even more agitated when someone claims that they’re voting for the opposition.  

It’s challenging to feel at peace now.  With any luck I feel it first thing in the morning and last thing at night between the time I get ready to meditate up until the moments of serenity following my meditation.  Nature also elicits a feeling of calm.  While here in the city I walk through Central Park, Carl Shurz Park, and Randall’s Island to enjoy the gifts of nature.  

The rest of the day is a crap shoot.  I may think I’m fine only to react to a seemingly insignificant interaction.  It happened yesterday as I was walking Lucy, our dog.  A woman got annoyed about our position on the sidewalk.  And I responded in kind.  I can’t say why it was important for me to interact with her at all.  But there I was reacting unconstructively to a stranger.  Conversely, there are many people I know who give me hope.  

Friends, new and old, provide faith in the power of goodness. My family provides that too.   They remind me of what’s important.  Common decency, a shared laugh at no one’s expense, being heard, being understood, and a helping hand are all qualities I appreciate in my friends. Most of us will be preoccupied early this week.  I know I’ll be working Tuesday and when I’m done, I will most likely reach out to a couple of friends.  It always feels good to affirm the power of kindness, especially now. 

Self-Care Tips:

  • Vote!
  • Use a soft liquid soap or a foam soap.  It’s a lovely soothing experience in the shower, and for your hands.
  • Be curious. Listen up or view things from an innocent place to take in something new.
  • Make a plan for election day.  It’s suggested you contact those who you find supportive.  
  • Check out this site for voting safely:
  • Saccharine

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