Happy Halloween

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  Maybe it had something to do with being Jewish, and Hanukkah not having the same gravitas as Christmas. As a rule we didn’t have candy in our house.  Halloween was the exception.  That alone made it a very special holiday. Or, maybe it was the actress in me.  I loved to get dressed up. I still remember the flammable  Cinderella costume I had at 6.  The plastic mask itched and the mouth hole was too small.  But the turquoise blue with the silver trimming was perfect on top of my Danskin shirt & pants set. I was escorted to each home where I was a given a large candy bar, some pennies, or something homemade that would mess up my bag.  At 19 I was Evita with a blond wig in a bun and a glamorous gown I picked up at a thrift store.  I had white long gloves and had the original cast album playing in my head as I went to a poorly attended costume party we drove 30 miles to attend.  I didn’t get dressed up tonight, though  I love seeing the costumes people pick out.  Today I was especially impressed with a child on 72nd Street who went as a cupcake.  And, I loath to admit it, but some of the scary masks and costumes I see actually frighten me.   I did get a vicarious thrill at helping my daughter with her make-up for her night out, but I didn’t miss dressing up today.  I guess I can enjoy Halloween as an observer and appreciate a time when collecting candy and dressing up were one of the highlights of my year.